The Young Gentlemen’s Adventure Society/Parada 88 – Adventure Party / You’re Gonna Miss Me


Well, this has been a long, cold and oddly bleak road to finding some new music worth posting on Heads Down. After sending out a disarmingly sad request on Facebook for something fresh to beat my drum over (as it were) the answer was sitting buried in my inbox all along. While not wildly upfront anymore (as it was when the promo was sent, natch), The Young Gentlemen’s Adventure Society/Parada 88 – Adventure Party / You’re Gonna Miss Me is exactly the kind of record that frees the crumbs of long forgotten lost weekends from arterial plaque.

International Feel is a label that seems to have it’s heart in the right place. Some questionable bootlegs aside, the label has brought some wonderful esoterica to the Balearic feast. Who could forget Harvey’s Locussolus project , Gatto Fritto’s killer debut album (how incredible was The Curse?) and Mark Barrott’s sun-soaked 2014 release (the man behind the label in question). I keep thinking International Feel is new jack, but when I looked at  the discography tonight I realised I’m just getting old and forgetful.

Anyway, this is a killer record. A totally and unashamedly peak of the night banger (A side) foiled by a no less up-for-it chuggathon  (B side); this is ecstasy music for openminded floors with epilepsy-inducing lighting rigs. Mark previously put it out in 2011 (I think there were 30 copies pressed- ha!) and it appeared on a CD compilation (another promo I totally slept on) but when’s it’s this hot it would be churlish to not move the crowd with a fresh press and a digital release. Buy it, put it on, and stagger around the lounge with a big dumb grin on your sweaty face.

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