DJ Fett Burger & Telephones ‘Tutti Frutti del Mar’


The good thing about not blogging for an inexcusable length of time (the only good thing) is that the platters that matter really rise to the top in your collection, leaving the tunes that perhaps initially dripped with lascivious promise sadly languishing in a hallway pile that my 11 month old will inevitably turn into his frisbee collection. Telephones’ ‘Rytmenarkotisk’ was the track that everyone lost their shit over on this 12″ (and very nicely executed it is too) but the the one for me is the B-side’s ‘Tutti Frutti del Mar’. It’s a weird, heavily swung, tripped out beast, that’s quite well produced (not nearly as cohesively as the A Side however) but makes up for any dynamic deficiencies with serious personality and some brilliantly wonky synth and bass work.

The Sex Tags UFO label is on a bit of a roll at the moment: the new ‘Speckbass’ 12″ sounds good (if a little busy) and the earlier ‘Disco Tre’ 12″ was brilliantly overwrought in a way that I don’t entirely approve of but can’t help shaking my ass to anyway. The best thing about this bunch is their unpredictability: I can read their influences loud and clear (good U.S house, dub disco etc) but they flip the script by releasing these bloody-minded records that are just a wee bit off, a wee bit WRONG. And that, in the rather anodyne world of electronic dance music, can’t be a bad thing.

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