Red The Man Without The Machine ‘I Should Tell Ya Momma On You'(Dâm-Funk Mix)(Stones Throw)

Although I am seriously at risk of appearing to be a cog in Stones Throw’s publicity machine, I had to post this as it’s a bonafide, fresh outta Cali west coast CLASSIC (you have no idea how much pleasure it gave me to write that!).

Red came to LA from the Bay Area in the early ’90’s as Red The Rap Scallion, looking for rap super stardom. Things, naturally enough, weren’t that simple and Red soon found himself without a pot to piss in and living on the streets.

Fast forward to 2008. After much hardship Red records the original of this tune (a beatbox and vocal record) at the HVW8 Art & Design gallery whilst being filmed… the video ends up on youtube, and the rest is history.

I’m not going to talk about Dam Funk (see my On & On post for that) again, but let’s just say that in my opinion this is the mix he was born to produce. At once sleazy, soulful and euphoric, it references the past whilst casually redefining the future of the funk. Amazing (download below).


Red The Man Without The Machine ‘I Should Tell Ya Momma On You (Dam Funk Mix)(Stones Throw) by cmjct

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