Eno Louis ‘Hot Love’


My old school friend Justin Atkinson pointed me towards this beauty, newly released on the curatorial purveyor of all things lost, funky and African that is Voodoo Funk. They’re having a bit of a moment right now: their last two disco releases have both been heaters (especially the Tony Grey 12″) and despite being remastered a little heavy handedly (a wee bit too much compression for my taste) they’re providing a run of essential records for DJs who play to the fruitier, more open minded floors.

 The track in question heralds from Benin City, Nigeria, was recorded in the early 80s and manages to sound like Bush Tetras meets Shiva Williams at a Talking Heads’ sex party. It’s heavy, bass driven gear that needs to be heard loud to be fully felt. Not to be missed.

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