Maricopa ‘Pastel Love’ (Part One)


In my last post I bemoaned the dogged repetitiveness of le dance, especially the so-called Nu-Balearic genre (*puts finger gun in mouth and pulls air trigger*). If I hear another heavily reverbed guitar I’ll have no choice but to go postal on Golborne Rd. I say this because I know that that sorry, vapid nonsense has about as much to do with the glorious Ibiza of yesteryear as, say, the Blue Marlin bar, or Calvin Harris at Amnesia. Despite being on a label called ‘Back To The Balearics’ (named I presume to assist dangerously hungover record store employees with categorisation) this is subtle, nostalgic and ethereal music that never once feels cliched.

For me, the whole record’s most endearing attribute is it’s sonic lack of ambition. This is a four track record based around a single synth sound, some subtle pads, snapping drums and bass. Almost every track on the 12″ ploughs the same furrow, but each incarnation is absolutely sublime. That alone speaks volumes about the confidence of whomever’s behind this, and ensures that I’ll be fiending for Part Two.

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