Velvet Season & The Hearts Of Gold ‘Truth Machine For Lovers’


Just as I was starting to bemoan the lack of interesting music appearing in this latter part of our frankly incredible summer, along came this filthy missive from Heads Down favourites Velvet Season & The Heart Of Gold. From the skin-crawling title to the Balearic-gone-bad darkness of the sleaze-sodden bass line, this is a much needed tonic for the abundance of Claremont 56 rip-offs currently clogging the record store shelves.

Joel Martin (one half of the VSTHOG, along with edit Svengali Gerry Rooney) actually sent me a few things along with this: a further VSTHOG release and an incredible Cougar Man & General Z edit release or two. All of them are top shelf strangeness that I’d love to hear in a club. You know that scene in The Shining when Jack Nicholson is making out with the Nordic beauty in the bathroom? The Nordic beauty who then reveals herself to be a putrefying hag, sore-ridden and green? This is the discoid re-imagining of just that. This is dark druggy club music for people who are tired of the ceaseless cyclic regurgitation.

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