LCD Soundsystem- ’45:33′ (Theo Parrish Space Cadet Mix) DFA Records


Now, under normal circumstances I’d be blogging this for rampant downloading (as a low grade virtually useless MP3 of course) but unfortunately I’ve been put on theĀ DFA “Very Naughty Boy” list and told (albeit very politely by label boss and Heads Down fan Jonathan Galkin) to cease and desist. SO, less I do actually experience death from above (see what I did there?) you’re just going to have to revel in the music through the wonders of streaming, which will probably sound much nicer than a crappy MP3 anyway.

Speaking of DFA, my partner in Atlantic Conveyor, Steve, used to tell a great story of how when producing bands (many years ago) they used to have a knob called the DFA knob. When the band’s bass player used to step forward and tell him “there’s not enough bass in this track” (when my partner knew there was too much bass already) Steve would reach across the desk and (making it look like he was adjusting the bass) twiddle a knob not connected to anything. This knob was known to Steve and the tape Op as the DFA knob. Otherwise known as the “Do F**k All” knob.

Anyhoo, onwards and upwards. This is the much vaunted Theo Parrish remix of LCD Soundsystem, that every pimply anorak-clad forum swat has been banging on about for months. Thankfully it’s really really good. Spacey stabs, deep subs, jazzy piano and clattering percussion underpin what will without a doubt be one of the years biggest dancefloor bangers. Played loud in a dark room, it’s without peer right now.

Honourable mention should also go to the fantastic Padded Cell (download their excellent mix of Doves below) who turn in a killer remix of the same track. Buy buy buy (it should be out any day)!

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