Lexx Originals Compilation (Claremont 56)

I noticed to my profound surprise today that there are still copies of this destroyer of a comp in a couple of shops, which is baffling to say the least. The Originals series of compilations are an Aladdin’s cave of rare music, curated by some of the world’s premiere and tasteful (in a good way) underground selectors. For me, they are THE best music compilations in the world today; I own every one of them (there are only a 1000 copies of each- hand numbered) and I eagerly anticipate each one like I used to look forward to the Rebirth Of Cool comps in the early 90’s.

Lexx is a man after my own heart: he to some extent began in hip-hop and found his way to the deeper, more esoteric records from there, a lot like me. I actually suggested one of the tunes to him on this comp over a few drinks (and a Heads Down interview) at my place (the Blackjoy mix of Monnette Sudler) so I was super stoked to see that he’d included it here. It’s a great record, but by no means the highlight of a stunning compilation. I mean, who else is going to drop some Mad Professor up in this piece? Seriously, do yourself a favour and pick it up.


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