LN-CC Recordings Launch Night 12th December

It was inevitable I guess; LN-CC were always going to take this step officially. Think about who works there: Jonny Nash from Land Of Light, Dan Mitchell from Bad Passion… In fact they’re all total record nerds. So, subsequently you also know that when they do this they’re going to do it with some conviction.

On December 12 (tomorrow night), LN-CC Recordings will officially launch with four separate releases celebrating the work of legendary Roxy Music guitarist Phil Manzanera. LN-CC Recordings was given exclusive access to the master-tapes of his solo back catalogue and worked directly with Manzanera to create a series of remixes in collaboration with some of the best and most diverse production talents globally, including Theo Parrish, Daniele Baldelli and Kenji Takimi.

To celebrate the launch of LN-CC Recordings and the release of four Phil Manzanera remix vinyls, the peeps are hosting an invitation-only event in the LN-CC store.

The evening will feature a live interview with Manzanera, focusing on his varied career and records that have influenced him musically, followed by a Q&A session. After the Q&A Phil will be signing copies of the records, which are available to get your grubby mitts on tomorrow night. This will be followed by music in the LN-CC club provided by Velvet Season and the Hearts of Gold (Joel Martin and Gerry Rooney).

It’s RSVP only, so get involved here pilgrims. Check out the clips below…

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