Caravan ‘Special Days Indeed’ Mix & final party

It had to end sooner or later I suppose. Not even the most repeatedly lobotomised optimist could call my Caravan night a ‘Summer’ session anymore. Still, it’s a hell of a shame (as I so adore doing it) and we have the long dark tunnel of winter to stumble through before I start talking to my friends at Caravan about the possibility of Heads Down again in 2014. I’m slightly bipolar about it: it was such a wonderful time this year that I’m loathe for it to lose momentum, but at the same time I dig it so why not? And these mixes just get more and more love all the time, so… Who knows.

Either way, I’ll be brushing off the Guidis for one more night of gastrosonic (™©) madness this Saturday the 24th to see the year out in style. My wife and I have our first child arriving in less than a month, so I get the feeling this might be my last chance to breaststroke my way through an immaculately mixed vat of dirty martini in A WHILE. Speaking of which, I would like to say thank you for all the amazing hospitality from Chris, Laura, Miles and all the svelte yet cuddly staff (Analese, Ruby, Thom, Anneke et al) who have made it such an incredible time for everybody. There truly is a Caravan family, and it’s a wonderful thing to be part of.

So, I hope you all enjoy my new mix, I’m super pleased with it. Big thanks to little Gwen who blessed us with the mind-warpingly cute little introduction. You put the cherry on top young lady! See more than a few of you on Saturday no doubt…

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