Ashley Beedle Interview

Ashley Beedle is one of the principle reasons I got into dance music. Fact. My first real dancefloor epiphany was soundtracked by ‘Blacker’ by the Ballistic Brothers; that Herbie Hancock fuelled bassline swept me away from my Premier, Pete Rock and Large Pro fixations and dropped me squarely into the more esoteric world of London’s new generation of post acid house producers. Everything Beedle produced I bought, and it just seemed to get better all the time. Black Science Orchestra, X-Press 2, Jamayka Boys (remember that one?) and Roots Revolutions were all bomb factories, and it never seemed to let up. Of course eventually it did, as all things do: careers go in more pragmatic directions, frustrations ensue and there’s the backdrop of real life to contend with while making it all happen. But the magic never really ran out: Ashley’s new ‘Run The Track’ EP (out this month) is one of the greatest records in his discography; sitting somewhere between the bombastic popularism of X-Press 2 and the string laden depth of Black Science Orchestra.

People always say you should never meet your heroes, and generally I’d agree with that. Ashley Beedle, however, possesses the kind of charisma that warms a room wherever he goes, a kindness and lack of self-importance that is the embodiment of the music he makes. This for me is my favourite interview I’ve ever conducted. Enjoy.

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