Lana Del Rey ‘Blue Velvet’ (Lindstrom Remix)

I’m not going to focus particularly on the original artist here (surprise surprise), or talk about Bernie Wayne’s original or the David Lynch cinematic classic, as I think it’s all a bit beside the point. The star of this performance is definitely the Norwegian Lindstrom, who turns in what can only be described as a production master class of a remix.

This remix is very much from the Moroder school of thought: a slow, sensuous vocal over a fast, repetitive bassline. Rushing, filtering pads, subtly gathering percussion and some beautiful ‘gathering storm’ arrangement moments make this a record that a lot of the more interesting dancefloor DJs are going to return to repeatedly in times of panic. As Brian Fantana once said, “60% of the time, it works every time”… This is a weapon.

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