Land Of Light ‘Land Of Light’ (ESP Institute)

I’ve been championing Jonny Nash as a genuinely exciting talent to watch for some time now (see my post on his wonderful Cos Mes remix), so when I heard that he and Kyle Martin (he of Heads Down favourite Spectral Empire) were producing an album together I did a little wee and clapped my hands with joy. Jonny= atmospheric, light and euphoric. Kyle= atmospheric, dark and claustrophobic. The yin and the yang. What’s actually emerged here is an incredibly cinematic, ethereal and occasionally bittersweet record with a real 1980’s soundtrack sensibility.

Make no mistake, this is a record with a purist aesthetic; it’s like an aural version of the Yohji Yamamoto-clad calmness that pervades Jonny Nash generally: this is a guy who very much knows what he likes, and what he wants to represent him musically. I can’t comment on Kyle in this regard, but I can guess. These two have made an ALBUM, not a collection of tracks in the classically disappointing electronic LP tradition, but something to be listened to in its entirety. If you merely dip in and out of it the music can feel almost saccharine-sweet at times, but listen to the whole thing and it’ll make perfect sense.

Apparently there’s a live band on the way too, which will no doubt be causing seretonin overload en masse next year. If you’re looking for a psychedelic, analog, crimson wormhole of a record to extend your summer happiness well into the dark emptiness of winter, this is it. The record hits the stores on October 29th.

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