Doves ‘Compulsion’ (Padded Cell Remix)(Heavenly)


Heavenly Records recently released a new Doves album, which for a lot of old shoe-gazers is a pretty exciting event. As always with these things, they released a relentless barrage of remix packages; some of them OK, some of them wildly poo poo. Some remixers like The Time & Space Machine went for the wilfully obscure, kind of useless to DJs angle (for me anyway), while people like Lindstrom went for the disco jugular. In fact the usually masterful Lindstrom produced one of the most strangely commercial sounding, weirdly poppy remixes I’ve ever heard from him.

There was also talk of one of Andy Blake’s (go to my ‘Interviews’ page for my chat with Andy) super-stripped 707 remixes (which sounded like a good idea) and a Padded Cell remix, neither of which saw the light of day. Until now that is. I managed to procure myself a copy of the Padded Cell mix, and it’s a cracker. If you’re not au fait with Padded Cell, they are the gothic disco, post punk masters signed to DC Recordings; their debut ‘Night Must Fall’ is one of my favourite dance albums of the past few years. This mix is discoid, slightly Balearic and more New York than Joey Ramone… What were Heavenly thinking?

Doves \’Compulsion\’ (Padded Cell Remix)(Heavenly)

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