Siafu ‘Slunk Dub’ (Bokhari Records)

Now, I don’t know much about Siafu or Bokhari Records, which in this era of media information saturation seems very much the zeitgeist (see Tusk, not to mention my own now defunct Untracked Recordings), so I like the cut of their jib. Vinyl-only, 300 copies; these are concepts that inspire allegiance and anticipation. Their first release (Siafu ‘Shrunken Head’) featured an on-top-form remix by Mark E, but this sophomore effort really takes the label to a different level. As far as acid-washed, deep slow-mo chuggers go, this is the absolute bomb. And don’t be fooled: this is unequivocally dancefloor ready. I have no doubt the likes of Weatherall will be all over this.

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