Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti ‘Baby’

It’s been a real draught for me here at Heads Down. While I’ve been editing the latest interviews and waiting for release dates to emerge I’ve also been trying to post the occasional record that I’ve been feeling. Where are all the great new records? It’s actually (unbelievably) not fundamental laziness (this time) that’s seen nothing posted since July, it’s just a total lack of inspiration. I listen to so much music (it’s what I DO, after all), yet I’ve recently had to almost discipline myself for being unilaterally negative about everything that hits my inbox. This draught, happily, has finally broken.

Ariel Pink’s (feat Dam Funk) version of Joe and Donnie Emerson’s blue-eyed oddity ‘Baby’ is totally gorgeous, full stop. This is irony-free sonic weightlessness of the highest order, and will soundtrack the last dying days of my summer. The best description of the tune I’ve read is that “it’s like a Koala bear crapped a rainbow in my brain”. Quite.

Apologies for the Juno player, there were unfortunately no better streaming options out there…

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