Daniel Avery Interview

I met Mr Avery through his Myspace page (I THINK- my memory’s appalling), which always featured on it’s music player something I’d never heard before. I remember him posting a demo by The XX maybe over a year before anyone else had even heard of them, let alone heard their music. At the time I was throwing the odd party at Cargo with my partner in Atlantic Conveyor, and I thought it might be a good thing to book this young man, who at the time was still playing predominantly under the ‘Kill ‘Em All’ umbrella (please correct me if I’m wrong Dan!). From memory that particular Discolexia pretty much sucked, except for this dude’s appearance. I remember standing at the back with Richard Sen and him turning to me quizzically and asking me “who the f**k is this guy??”. He just emanated a certain verve and √©lan.

Retrospectively, I was right for once; Daniel has gone on to be a fiercely emerging talent in the post-punk dance firmament. Lauded by Weatherall, occasionally co-piloted in the studio by Justin Robertson and released on Erol Alkan’s Phantasy label, the young DJ and producer is killing it right now.

I conducted this interview at Bestival last summer, just as he was blowing up on the underground. God knows why this hasn’t gone up before, it’s a total oversight- I think I had so many films coming out at that time that it got lost in the rush. Here it is.

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