Zombie Zombie ‘Rocket Number 9’ (Gesaffelstein Remix)

Everyone loves a banger. I don’t care if you’re usually to be found trimming your Bonsai trees in Claremont 56 boxershorts, silhouetted against a life-size mural of Ku Club circa ’86 whilst wearing a poncho made entirely of DJ Harvey’s matted pubic hair… At a certain time, in a certain place, you’ll like a banger, and this, dear friends, is just that.

It’s been a wee while since we heard from Cosmic Neman and Etienne Jaumet aka Zombie Zombie. Their brand of retro-futurism has always seemed reassuringly outside the dreaded nu-disco oeuvre, and this is their latest 12″ for Versatile, blessed as it is with one of the raviest, most anthemic remixes to have escaped the mixing desk in a while.

The remixer in question is a certain Gesaffelstein, a young techno producer currently on the rise in France; I’ve included a photo of him here because he looks hilariously insouciantly handsome and I was hoping one of you might hunt him down and give him a slap for me. Youth and poise of that nature is simply unacceptable at the Heads Down blog.

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