Nagaoka, Phonon & Grado at LN-CC

Here’s a little heads-up at Heads Down on some degenerate audio porn that’s just landed at the emporium of all things covetable- LN-CC. They’re proper record nerds down at the Dalston mothership, and that, evidently, doesn’t stop at rare and crave-worthy vinyl.

They’ve just received an arsenal of super high end styli, headphones and conductive fluid from Japan’s Nagaoka and Phonon, along with Grado Labs from New Jersey.

Nagaoka specialises in hard to cut materials, and their diamond styli are reflective of their specialist skills. The family-run Grado Labs, on the other hand, began producing cartridges in 1955 and began manufacturing headphones in the late eighties. Their distinctive mahogany models are akin in appearance to something your polyester-shirted uncle listened to his ELO records on in the 70’s, except that these bad boys are, apparently, next level.

Lastly, Phonon are another Japanese company founded by three audiophiles, a bunch whose specialist approach has led to the creation of products such as the Phonon liquid, a revolutionary contact cleaner that enhances electrical conductivity to improve audio output (three essential words in my book).

Check ’em out.

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