Caravan ‘Heat Of The Night’ Mix

Well, I’m three nights deep in the Caravan Heads Down sessions for 2012, and it’s been ridiculously good fun so far. Aside from getting told off by my wife for (literally) rolling in too late and being completely incapacitated for the rest of the weekend, everything’s been totally peachy. It must be said, it’s hard to DJ for seven hours and not attempt at some stage to try everything on the cocktail menu twice. And it’s most certainly NOT my fault that they make such absurdly delicious drinks, the charming tempters and temptresses that they are.

Last year I started to make some mixes to help promote the night; this is the fifth of these mixes. They’ve ended up becoming rather popular with thousands of plays across various platforms, leading to the fact that far more people have downloaded the mixes than visited my night at Caravan. The wonders/contradictions of the internet! Still this one’s pretty expansive and at the very least will draw you in to a sense that, even if only temporarily, all is right with the world.

I’m at Caravan this Saturday night from 6pm and fortnightly throughout the summer; all three have avoided the rain so far and fingers crossed this weekend will work the same magic… Come say hello: I’ll be the one wobbling around in a record-strewn corner with a dirty martini permanently glued to my lower lip.

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