Dara ‘Scribble Me This’ (Kleine Reise)

This particular find is the very meat and potatoes of the Heads Down blog. Under the radar- check. Somewhat genreless- check. Utterly brilliant- check, check and check. To be honest I have no idea what Dara O’Neill is singing about (see my Ajukaja post for more of my multilingual lovin’) but he’s singing about whatever it is with extreme verve and √©lan.

Born of the small Berlin label Kleine Reise, Daniel Berman (aka Red Rack\'em) brought this to my attention. My friend Danny thinks Heads Down is a Balearic blog (I think he means this as an insult) and let’s face it, this record is MAD Balearic, in the best possible sense (i.e not to be seen on a Ministry Of Sound comp anytime soon).

This record feels particularly appropriate today as we’re experiencing the first true day of summer here in London. There’s a gentle breeze rustling the leaves on the Embankment and a warm summer haze distorting the distant view of Westminister. Summer in the city baby… And here’s your soundtrack. Get the digital here and the vinyl here…

Below is a link to the Kleine Reise sampler: ‘Scribble Me This’ is 2.07 into the mix.

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