Dave Aju ‘Heirlooms’ LP (Circus Company)

Wowsers, this is special. I’d heard a couple of Dave Aju (real name Marc Barrite) releases before this (and always thought them incredibly well produced), but this is an altogether different beast.

The ‘Heirlooms’ LP was supposed to be a long planned collaboration with his professional jazz musician father, who sadly died before the project could come to fruition. Although not there in person, his father’s contributive recordings (edited and manipulated brilliantly by his son) resonate loudly through this glistening, soulful tome to a man’s love for his musically inspirational father.

I’m not going to get heavily into specifics, but I personally adore the clattering swing of ‘Until Then’, the somehow David Byrnes-esque joy of the epic ‘To Be Free’ and the Rhodes-sodden wonkiness of the perfect closer- ‘Revealing’… But that’s just me. As much as I love imposing my editorial fascism under normal circumstances, I think this beauty is best interpreted by you lot.

This was a completely unexpected find, and made all the more covetable and thrilling because of it. Buy it here.

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