Caravan ‘Le Début d’Été’ Mix

It’s about that time again: I’ve very pleased to announce that after much to-ing and fro-ing the Heads Down Saturday Summer Sessions will be returning to Caravan again for 2012.

Last year was fantastic, but exhausting, so we’ve decided to bring it back fortnightly so I don’t have to be stretchered out of there come October. As always the music will be a kaleidoscopic trip through Balearica, ambient, jazz, disco, house, soul and funk… It’s a seven hour set so I GO THERE. It all gets played over a wonderful, perfectly tuned Martin Audio system too, so it’s a pretty luxe experience.

As much as it irks me (hardly!) to say so, the other real stars at the HDSS are the chef and staff. The food, wine, cocktails and service here are absolutely unbelievable, so it’s a pretty win/win situation to be honest.

The Heads Down Summer Sessions start 5pm-12am on Saturday May the 12th (next weekend!) so see you then. Here’s a downloadable mix to get you in the mood…

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