ZSOU ‘Written In Dust/Wild Honey’ (ZSOU Music)

It seems psychedelic, cosmic and Balearic are three words that get bandied around quite meaninglessly these days: they often get used to describe the wishy washy drivel on a million ‘Spirit Of Ibiza’ compilations and concurrently anything with a heavily delayed guitar and tabla. Music lovers are suffering while incense retailers are living in gold houses.

This debut release from ZSOU will not be heard at the Blue Marlin in Ibiza or any other Krug-glugging, speedo-infested beach bar on the Med. For this ladies and gentlemen is the real thing. Full of unexpected melodic changes, vocal treatment trickery and dense but immaculately conceived production, this is serious head music that will also sound frighteningly heavy on a good soundsystem.

Created by A Mountain Of One’s Mo Morris and erstwhile AMOO bass player Merrick Adams, this is another recent example of seasoned producers coming back with premier-league production (see also the recent Velvet Season & The Hearts Of Gold record, aka Joel Martin & Gerry Rooney), inadvertently highlighting the lack of finesse amongst some of the scene’s younger upstarts. I know this makes me sound like the creaky loathsome hater that I am, but I get sent enough crappy nu-disco/house/techno mediocrity EVERY DAY to speak with some alacrity.

So, it’s good then. It also comes in a magnificent cover with a poster version of the sleeve… I mean this is being put out in conjunction with LN-CC, so it’s hardly going to arrive in a used Argos bag is it?

Check out an exclusive mix by ZSOU here and listen slash buy this thing of beauty at the wondrous temple of all things desirable- the Late Night Chameleon Cafe.

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