Discodromo & Massimiliano Pagliara ‘Samba Imperiale’ (Cocktail D’Amore)

What’s this? A 12″ featuring an original and a remix from two of my favourite contemporary artists? Massimiliano Pagliara (with the excellent Discodromo) and the constantly surprising Soft Rocks are in FULL effect on this release, ably assisted by trusty deckhands Cos/Mes and Kid Who who also represent on the remix front.

I’m a huge fan of Pagliara’s; my original copy of the Toxic Love EP is now so worn that it’s more usable as a frisbee than a record, and ‘I’ll Never Be’ from his ‘Focus On Infinity’ LP is one of my most relentlessly thrashed records from the last five years (my wife groans when I play it). Discodromo caught everyone’s attention on Dissident and has been steadily building steam ever since. Soft Rocks of course have recently released their debut LP on ESP Institute containing the future classic ‘Air’ (amongst other bombs). Make no mistake, this is an all-star lineup.

Ah, I almost forgot Cos/Mes. I’ve never really bought into these guys so much; I always found them overrated and victims (or beneficiaries) of the ‘but they’re from Japan!’ mentality. This time however they (with the help of Max Essa) totally deliver with a tropical acid workout that is going to have the more bearded amongst you drooling down the front of your Albam dungarees and all over your new thigh-high Grenson brogue boots. Argh!

What makes this record relatively rare amongst these producer’s discographies is that this is a straight-down-the-middle dancefloor record. Latin percussion rattles excitedly over analog drum machines and warmly expansive synth bass, only to be bum-rushed by the most gleefully hug-inducing synth chords known to mankind. Soft Rocks for their part (predictably but brilliantly) take it in a Balearic direction- in fact everyone on this 12″ plays their role perfectly. This is perhaps some of these guys’ best work and it’s on a vinyl-only 250 copy release, which, let’s face it, is pretty bonkers. Get involved!

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