Velvet Season & The Hearts Of Gold ‘Camel Toe Central’ (Lucky Hole)

This is the debut release on Gerry Rooney and Joel Martin’s new Lucky Hole imprint and the first release as Velvet Season & The Hearts Of Gold, which they describe as ‘all about sharing their love of music with the world, having fun and not taking things too seriously’. Well despite all this, this is an incredibly serious piece of production by two of the underground’s best kept secrets.

Joel Martin is, of course best known for his work with Radioslave’s Matt Edwards as Quiet Village; I regularly find myself revisiting their early WhateverWeWant Records releases (especially at my Caravan residency, where they’re early-doors anthems) as they’re completely timeless pieces of sonic esoterica. Gerry Rooney is best known as DJ Harvey’s partner in the original edit label Black Cock, the classic edit imprint that launched a thousand bottom-feeding intro-extending bootleggers of dubious reputation. Still, they weren’t to know were they?

The track in question is the charmingly named ‘Camel Toe Central’ (which I guess could be an alternative name for an American Apparel photo shoot), an immaculately produced stripped-back drum, bass and percussion workout. The gorgeous ambient intro is worth the price of admission alone, but when the sub bass drops all bets are off. This is deep, exciting, ultra dynamic music from two men who have spent enough time in loud dark rooms and windowless studios to know how to push your buttons and toy with your emotions… The clever buggers. Buy buy buy.

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