Bicep ‘$tripper’ (Love Fever)

The Bicep boys have been fiddling around on their analogue gear for a while now (when they’re not posting on their literally world-famous blog) and they’ve made some good music, but, BUT: this is the sound of producers coming of age in a major way.

‘$tripper’ is a (you guessed it) stripped back and passionate homage to the sound of New Jersey house past: a slow, heavily swung sacrificial offering to the gods of crystal MDMA, virtually oozing with bodily fluids. A diva groans, pads shift, and beats bang. It doesn’t look much on paper, but this is a sweat-catalyzing whore of a record made for dirty, stinky basements. And it’s the best out there.

Apparently there’s going to be a very limited vinyl run which will hit the shelves on April 16th; considering it’s had over thirty thousand plays on Soundcloud I get the feeling they won’t hang around for long. You have been warned!

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