Still Going ‘D117’ (Still Going Records)

Release Numero Uno on Still Going’s (aka Eric Duncan and Liv Spencer) imaginatively named label Still Going Records has just hit the shelves and, I’m pleased to announce, all the imagination has been fruitfully saved for the eclectic psychedelic goodness that lies within these 12″ grooves.

The 4/4 drum loop is about the only predictable element in a tune that swirls, contracts and then unfurls in shockwaves of guitar, vocals (from Fischerspooner vocalist Lizzy Yoder) and euphoric strings. I heard a rumour that ‘D117’ totally blew the doors off at Cosmo‘s last Loft party (a discerning bunch if there ever was one) and I believe it, 100%.

They’ve come a long way from ‘Still Going Theme’ (has it really been five years already?) and this to me signals a duo and label who’re intent on taking it a little outside the cyclically well-worn paths that make up the road map of dance music.

I’m intent on getting Mr Duncan (one half of Still Going, one half of Rub ‘N Tug and one whole of Dr Dunks) in for an interview soon (we’ve tried before but there were typically annoying scheduling problems)… Rest assured it will happen. Buy this record here.

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