Kindness ‘World, You Need A Change Of Mind’ (Polydor)

What’s this, a major label release on Heads Down? Indeed: this is an album that actually deserves the financial might, promotion and distribution a major can offer. Adam Bainbridge’s debut is a Philippe Zdar-produced (he of Cassius and Motorbass fame) thing of sun-soaked joy. It’s had some dodgy write-ups: “It’s classy and airy, although so stylishly produced (with French house guru Cassius) that it can feel like a soundtrack to an imaginary Ideal Home exhibition of laboratory-like perfection” wrote Dave Simpson from The Guardian. Complaining that something is stylishly produced (opposed to over-produced) could only be uttered by a man in bad shoes.

Ignore such nonsense, for this is, pound for pound, a splendid record full of moving chords and beatific vocals (‘House’) intermittently splattered with cosmic, druggy asides that make you want to book your summer excursions pronto Tonto(‘Seod’). Of course there are a couple of whiffy moments (‘Doigsong’ and ‘Anyone Can Fall In Love’) but given the highs and the sense of conviction that pervades the whole thing these should, I think, be looked upon with mercy.

There’s this great line in the sweetly irreverent music video to ‘Gee Up’ (see below) whereby one of the video producers says to the other “would’ve been better two years ago, wouldn’t it?” in reference to the fact that the whole DFA/Nu Disco thing has already had it’s moment. This much is true… It ain’t a bad thing though: afterall, have you heard Holy Ghost’s record?

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