James Priestley Interview

James Priestley is a club promoter. Not your garden variety Kanye-rip-sunglasses-rocking, Modular-T-Shirt-sporting, Italian-accent-accentuating, Ketamine-rectal-shelving, short-changing, water-charging, soon-to-working-back-at-his-fathers-delicatessen “promoter” (that one might encounter on a night out). No, this is guy is a different beast all together.

I first met James many years ago when he was working at a distributor that was distributing my first Tubbs record. He was the one person there that seemed to know what was on the shelves; he would lead me around to nab a few choice pickings here and there. He struck me as a dude with a real love of the deepness: the musical, the soulful and the out of the ordinary.

James is (despite being the extremely successful co-founder of Secret Sundaze and GoZilla) very much the same enthusiastically affable dude in 2009. I thought it’d be a good idea to talk to James about the club, his deejaying (and production) whilst getting him to impart some golden advice for all you budding promoters out there.

I met James at his new soon-to-be christened venue on City Road in Shoreditch (more about that in a future post) last week…

vimeo Direkt

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