Ewan Pearson Interview

It’s funny, despite the monstrous weight of electronic music being vomited out of Apple Macs on a weekly basis and being released by instantly forgotten labels around the world, there are but a handful of producers across the genres that anyone would describe as Premier League. By this I mean producers who can be genuinely called consistent, know how to mix down a record properly and seem to show signs of actually evolving as artists. Ewan Pearson is one of those guys.

Ever since he emerged in the early part of the century with his massive remix of Freeform Five’s ‘Perspex Sex’ on Classic, he has steadily built a solid reputation as one of the world’s very best underground producers. Try playing anything other than maybe a Morgan Geist or Solomun record after a Pearson production and it’s going to sound like an anticlimax. OK, that’s perhaps a bit strong but you know what I’m getting at.

I was so chuffed that Ewan agreed to come in to the Basement Sessions: we talked about his love of Trevor Horn, DJing with Andrew Weatherall, listened to some of his inspirations… It’s one of my best interviews of 2011 I reckon (the wretched modesty). Let me know what you make of it all!

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