The Horses ‘Do You Remember’ (KAT Records)

KAT Records (of which the legendary DJ and all-round northern lunatic Phat Phil Cooper is a proprietor) has had a superb year. There are edit labels and there are edit labels; KAT go for an attention to detail and hi-fidelity that most just can’t manage or are not bothered about.

The Horses release featuring ‘Do You Remember’ has undoubtably been one of my most played records of the year, no question. I first heard it at the hands of Nightmares On Wax in Ibiza this year (god that seems a long time ago now) and to my slightly lubricated sensibilities it was pure sonic nectar. It was literally insta-party; everyone just stood up and started dancing- just like in the movies! Needless to say I went and drunkenly badgered him for the name of this magic disc pronto Tonto. Classy.

The Horses – Do You Remember Edit by The Horses

I am ashamed to say I don’t know from whence this edit originated, but if anyone would like to write in and show-off I’d be most grateful. Anyway, it’s not the only fantastic thing on the label this year. The latest to be released is Abu Maxim And The Preatorian Steppas’ ‘Sometimes I Get It’, a jazz funk bassline stepper that is dancefloor DYNAMITE. I’m going to play it at my birthday party tomorrow night. All presents, letter bombs etc to the usual address.

Abu Maxim And The Preatorian Steppas [KAT012 Promo] by KAT and KAT45 Records

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