Cosmo Interview

Cosmo Interview – AllSaints Basement Sessions from AllSaints Spitalfields on Vimeo.

Cosmo (aka Colleen Murphy) is a one woman good vibes generating unit. It’s why David Mancuso first asked her to DJ at The Loft, and it’s why people trust her as a purveyor of deeply resonant music; be it through her excellent record label Bitches Brew, her DJing or her accomplished broadcasting.

It’s not the first time I’ve interviewed Cosmo; my last interview (February, 2010) with her was one of the most popular interviews ever broadcast on Heads Down. Subsequently when the opportunity came again to talk to her again at the Basement Sessions, it was a stone-cold no brainer!

2011’s been good to Colleen: her Classic Album Sundays night has been an unmitigated success, getting covered by every paper, magazine and network known to mankind, or so it seems. So what better time to sit down and find out where it all began? Ladies and gentleman, DJ Cosmo.

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