Aloe Blacc Interview

Recently we at the AllSaints Basement Sessions jumped on a plane and took our blatant music nerdiness across the Atlantic all the way to the Pacific coast, to set up base at the San Francisco Treasure Island Music Festival. One of the guys that sat down with me for a chat was Aloe Blacc, an American soul singer/urban artist (god I hate that tag) who recently had a massive hit with ‘I Need A Dollar’.

Aloe seems a very charming, quite earnest chap who obviously is genuinely excited by the hand that’s been dealt over the last year or so. It’s always pretty heartening to see well-intentioned and positive artists getting a crack at the big time. His label Stones Throw (one of the world’s greatest and most consistant labels in my opinion) can’t be too upset about it either.

He was just about to head off with his partner on a wine tour holiday to New Zealand (can’t imagine Lil Jeezy doing that) so being a fervent Kiwi I piled him high with suggestions on where to go and more importantly what to drink. I think he was a bit overwhelmed by my enthusiasm! Be cool Tubbsy- BE COOL!

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