Dam-Funk “On & On” (Stones Throw Records ’09)

“Oh sweet jesus”, I hear you cry, “not another Dam-Funk blog!”. Well, I admit he IS becoming fairly ubiquitous in the blogosphere these days, but for good reason in my opinion.

Dam-Funk (real name Damon Riddick) is a Californian resident with a deep, deep love of that funk/dance/R’nB sound that came out of the States mainly between ’81-’83. Over here of course we call it boogie. From what I can tell, DF has a strong love and nostalgia for the early eighties in general; a simpler time when the sunsets were deeper and the music sweeter. Perhaps most importantly for DF, a time when there was real musicianship going into music production.

And this is Dam-Funk’s pièce de résistance: he plays, without sequencing software, all the way live throughout his music. Yes, he triggers those trademark Linn drums first, but the rest is all performance. From this comes music which references the early eighties strongly without ever jocking or aping the sound.

DF releases on Stones Throw, Peanut Butter Wolf’s previously underground “backpacker” Hip Hop label. To me, Stones Throw is one of the decade’s great success stories; they’ve managed to transform the label from Hip Hop relic into a cutting-edge leftfield leviathan without ever losing sight of their roots.

This bomb, “On & On” is taken from his upcoming LP ‘Toeachizown’… Feel that California love…


Dam Funk- On & On

P.S- Dam-Funk is also (by all accounts) a pretty el sicko DJ. He hosts a Monday nighter in Culver City called Funkmosphere which (by the look of things) makes me want to set the DeLorean’s dials for ’82…

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