dBridge ‘City Of Lonely Runaways’

Darren White (aka dBridge) is a Drum & Bass producer right? Wasn’t he in D&B supergroup Bad Company? Yes, I hear you: he’s not a particularly obvious addition to the Heads Down oeuvre. But lately (actually for a while) this man has been delivering some seriously forward thinking analog music. Through his Autonomic podcasts and Exit label he’s been exerting a steadily increasing influence on the course of contemporary electronic music.

‘City Of Lonely Runaways’ has as much to do with ‘Blade Runner’ era Vangelis as much as anything in the here and now; in fact I can imagine this soundtracking an ominous aerial shot of Michael Mann’s L.A- all vivid sunsets, and smoggy duskiness. You can hear all the sonic lessons learnt in D&B production, but the essence of this tune is the unpredictable musicality and unsettling beauty. If you’re sick of all this modern major chord so-called Balearic nonsense, then you need to hear this. This is the sound of a scene-stealing producer hitting his stride. Buy, buy buy.

P.S You can watch my interview with dBridge here and here (part 2).

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