Stefan Goldmann on Berlin & the music business

vimeo Direkt

I recently went with AllSaints to Germany to record our first ever Basement Sessions in Berlin (including AĆ©rea Negrot and Gold Panda) and it occurred to me if there was one person I unequivocally had to speak to it was Stefan Goldmann. Aside from being a well-known techno and house producer with releases on the likes of Classic, Innervisions and Perlon, Stefan is also something of a polemist and industry futurist. I became aware of this side of his oeuvre after I recently read his brilliant article on the electronic music business, which is something everyone involved on any level should read; it’s eye-openingly (scarily) brilliant. Check it here.

We actually recorded a monster forty minute interview too, but for the time-poor amongst you (i.e all of you probably) I thought I’d do a little edit of the bits I enjoyed the most. There are some quite weird extended shots of sewing machines and the like half way through (before you ball-breakers give me grief about it) because one of the main cameras died (or something) part way through the interview… OK?

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