Beam Me Up Carnival Special

Well, as you may know Heads Down is a London-based blog and as you may have heard, London has been experiencing some, well, difficulties of late. Stupefying difficulties infact. For all you LDN discoheads who dreamt of stepping out in the edgy and highly mythologized pre Giuliani NYC; maybe just walk out your front door because s**t is getting mad real son (sister).

That being the case, never has it been more crucial to celebrate our lives, our loves and our communities. This Notting Hill Carnival the Beam Me Up crew have decided to go all out and create what they might describe as a festival of joy on the Sunday: a party for our best friends, family and likeminded revellers, soundtracked by cosmic sonic seretonin from our favourite DJs in the world (I don’t include myself in that line-up incidentally). We’re talking Ashley Beedle, Idjut Boys, Brad Baloo from The Nextmen, Psychemagik and the Greco Roman Soundsystem. Oh, and little old me. All at the legendarily debauched William the IV.

I can say without reservation that this is going to be the party of the Carnival, and I’ve been to a few. Come and celebrate you, me, US. See you on the dancefloor.x

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