Massimiliano Pagliara ‘Focus For Infinity’ LP

I first became aware of Massimiliano Pagliara back in 2009 on discovery of his ‘Toxic Love’ EP on Live At Robert Johnson. His beautifully hazy musicality, deft analog production and perfect mix-downs made him, for me, the man to watch. And the Italian in Berlin has not disappointed with this, his ‘Focus For Infinity’ album on Live At Robert Johnson. I’m not going to go into album review mode, but I will say that for me this is THE electronic album since the Metro Area’s 2002’s classic debut.

At a time when nu disco seems to have morphed into a banal 21st century version of 90’s funky house (just slower and with more delay), Massimiliano has stepped out of the shadows with a modern disco record of such elegance and finesse that it makes me want to get back in the studio and start making records again. It’s truly inspiring.

From the slow post punk burner that is ‎’As The Night Breathes’, past ‘I’ll Never Be’ (my favourite) to the euphoric ‘Fade The Light’, this is an album that can be listened to from start to finish (when was the last time you did that with a dance record?).

Also, buy it on vinyl. This is a very analog record: perfectly mixed, perfectly mastered… So treat yourself!

Massimiliano Pagliara feat. Mavin – Fade the Light by Samantha Goody

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