Limited Edition Locussolus album at LN-CC

DJ Harvey to you lot probably needs no introduction. If you are unaware of the surfer-cum-DJ-cum-producer then here’s your wakeup call.

Harvey seems to live one of the most male-aspirational existences on the planet; after being landlocked in the States due to visa issues (in Hawaii- feel his pain), he now tours the world in a perpetual state of joie de vivre, twiddling Bozak knobs and playing eclectic Balearic sets to basement dwellers everywhere. I’m not saying his life isn’t probably without it’s stresses, but it beats restocking Sellotape in Rymans.

Anyway, I digress. Harvey’s production alias Locussolus is about to drop it’s first album on Uruguay’s International Feel label and super-boutique LN-CC (probably the world’s greatest fashion emporium) is releasing a limited special version of the excellent album for a few lucky cats. 100 highly collectable copies only. Check here for more info; there’s even a competition so get involved.

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