Beam Me Up party this Saturday

First up, a big apology for the lack of activity on the blog. I’ve been rather busy with that tiresome malady know as ‘real life’ and haven’t had a chance to do any Heads Downery whatsoever. It’s made even worse by the fact I have some wonderful interviews waiting to be edited and posted… I will endeavour to get one up today.

Anyway, this weekend is, of course, a rather large one for most of us (royals included) as everyone seems to be hellbent on getting some vitamin D action and getting sucked into the social vortex of shocking behaviour that tends to characterise this time of year. Me, I’m no different; probably worst if I’m honest. This Saturday (after the wonder that is my session at Caravan) I’m DJing at a proper secret location rave in London that runs to 11am on Sunday.

This isn’t one of those ‘secret location’ parties whereby you get the told the destination through Facebook the day of the party and it turns out to be a disappointingly well-known basement club in Dalston… Oh no, this is the real deal. You will never have been here before and that in London is undoubtably a hell of an achievement. It’s being thrown by a collection of rakishly handsome devils who would (were these Victorian times) be keeping East London laudanum dens firmly in business whilst flitting between stealing the hearts of minor royals and staging pistol duels at sunrise in Regents Park. They’re ridiculously good company basically.

If you want to come you need to RSVP at BEAM.ME.UP@MAIL.COM

See you at midnight!

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