Mountaineer ‘Golden Chalk’ (Version Idjut)(Leng Records)

These days buying new vinyl can be a heart-wrenching experience. Not because it’s all terribly pressed or the music’s hopeless, but because the very sound of most modern music is not really suited to vinyl. That loud, compressed block waveform is very much the product of the digital age, and something ill suited to the nuanced warmth of vinyl records. Nevertheless, every now and then a record comes along so carefully conceived, produced and mixed that you immediately know that it’s not time to give up buying the new black gold just yet. This is a record you have to own on record.

The Idjut Boys mix of Mountaineer is one of their finest achievements: deep, dub-wise, ecstatic, but also imbued with a modernity that makes it sound instantly like summer 2011. They really make the most of the wonderful vocal and guitar parts, but it’s when the almost dubstep bassline hits that you know you’re in rarified territory. If this doesn’t end up in the year’s top ten list it’s been a ridiculously good year. Buy buy buy!

Mountaineer – Golden Chalk (Version Idjut) by LengRecords

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