Ivan Smagghe Interview

I’ve been rather fascinated by Ivan Smagghe since I heard his first co-mix for Kill The DJ at the Cannes Film Festival in 2007, whilst speeding along the waterfront to Nice in a convertible beamer at 3am with someone who SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN DRIVING (long story). Anyway, it struck me in my addled state that Monsieur Smagghe was doing something different. His mix of trippy techno with oddball post-punk records was fused with this sense of grimey basement drugginess that really appealed to me at the time.

These days he’s lost none of his edginess; his It’s A Fine Line project is almost indescribable (I’ll settle on ‘rockabilly techno’ for now though) and his blog is a great source of super-obscure edits and unique ramblings from the mind of a man who knows a thing or two about subverting the party. His back-to-back nights with Andrew Weatherall verge on the legendary by all accounts, although the man has no problem locking down a dancefloor for six hours by himself, as I’ve witnessed.

In essence, Ivan’s a truly original, slightly leftfield character who was a joy to interview. I was told to expect a moody, bristly Parisian, too cool for Christmas, but what I got was a light-hearted, articulately charming music lover who just wanted to impart his love of all music. I’m pleased with this AllSaints Basement Sessions interview; it’s one of the only ones I can bear to watch back (I hate seeing myself on camera!). Let me know what you think.

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