Exclusive OUT THERE!!! ‘Afrikanz On Marz’ Mix

Those of you who shamble upon this blog regularly will know that Ashley Beedle is seen as a bit of a ledge around these parts. So when he offered me a mix exclusively for Heads Down, not only did I spill my kedgeree in my lap (no that’s not a euphemism) and victory punch the air, I posted it pronto. DJs offer me mixes all the time which I dutifully listen to in entirety, which is why hardly any get posted. This, thankfully, is outrageously hot. I’ll let the man break it down:

“Regarding the mix i just wanted to reflect our preoccupation with space, be it from an Afro American perspective or from a european slant and just how the two meet musically. They both draw on each other to create something unique. Would hip hop have stood still if Kraftwerk never came into the mix? Back in the day those Detroit wunderkids talked about Kraftwerk meeting Parliament in an elevator! Some of this music was recorded a long time ago but still sounds like the future. Very inspirational to me and hopefully to others. Let’s go out there”

So there you have it. Ashley’s also kindly offered up some heat from his Out Hear Audio label for me to give away, but we’ll get to that (and a tracklisting) in the next couple of days. For now let’s bask in the abilities and taste of one of the UK’s greatest. Download the mix here.

OUT THERE !!! (An Afrikanz On Marz Mix) An Out Hear Audio Joint. by ASHLEY BEEDLE

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