The Stepkids ‘La La’ (Stones Throw)

I’ve ranted and raved about Stones Throw many times on Heads Down; the sheer breadth of their sonic remit is frikkin awesome. Their past as a purist underground hip hop label seems such a long time ago, yet you can still smell the Polo aftershave in everything they do. I heart them, in other words.

The Stepkids are a psychedelic soul trio from Connecticut consisting of Jeff Gitelman (guitar and vocals), Dan Edinberg (bass and keyboards) and Tim Walsh (drums). They roll out with a wonky fusion of punk and jazz, West African and 1960s folk, soul, classic funk and 20th century classical. Phew! They’re analog freaks and everything is recorded onto reel to reel, and damn that sounds good. Their recordings feel so warm I want to pour Badedas into my Kefs and bathe butt naked in that bass. Or something (someone’s been into the Chivas tonight).

Anyway, there’s a beautiful technicolour 12″ coming out mid April… Buy buy buy!

The Stepkids ‘La La’ (Stones Throw) by cmjct

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