Robert Owens Interview (Part 3)

I really enjoyed interviewing Robert; he’s an underground legend, a warmly endearing person and a fantastic artist. And as much as I loved hearing about his writing process, his collaboration with Larry Heard and the creation of his new album, what I REALLY wanted to hear about was the clubs, the atmosphere- what it was actually like to go to some of the most culturally crucial clubs in history. Luckily enough we got there: we talk about the Paradise Garage, the legendary Muzik Box and the Warehouse… He really paints a picture.

It’s one of the elements that make up the disco geek’s malaise, the surety that we’ll never experience the real thing, never go to the Paradise Garage. It’s bollocks of course, there are epiphanies happening on dancefloors on every continent as we speak, it’s whether or not we take the trouble to participate, to stop being judgemental, to stop comparing the here and now to worlds we never visited in the first place. Thankfully, Robert was there.

vimeo Direkt

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