AllSaints Basement Sessions

Recently I’ve been hard at work in the basement of AllSaints clothing, not in a janitorial role as you might imagine, but rather as part of the music team putting together interviews and sessions with new bands, interesting DJs and pioneering producers for the new music page on their website.

I’m going to post my filmed interviews sporadically: some will be of obvious interest (Idjut Boys, Ivan Smagghe, Mudd etc) and some might seem to be of slightly less obvious interest (Zane Lowe, Warpaint etc). Thing is, I think they’re all worth watching if you’re into music… But then again I would say that, right?

First up, here’s part one of my interview with BBC Radio 1’s biggest broadcast star, Mr Zane Lowe. I’ve known Zane for many years and he’s a stand-up guy… Not to mention a true-blue music fanatic. If you’re an aspiring broadcaster or just fancy an insight into a genuinely controversial figure (amongst the kind of music nerds that read this blog especially)- watch this.

vimeo Direkt

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