LN-CC Opening

A couple of friends of mine, Dan Mitchell (Bad Passion) and Jonny Nash (Sombrero Galaxy) have, with their business partners, just opened an amazing new emporium of all things (to me anyway) desirable and collectable. It’s called the Late Night Chameleon Cafe (or LN-CC) and it’s situated in Dalston, London. Now, I can already hear a few of you groaning and clicking your laptop lids shut, but I personally think this the coolest, most visionary and plain ballsiest endeavour I’ve seen for some time.

They have a record shop (quirky second hand selections and a couple of cutting-edge labels) with a listening post running through a Bozak(!), a book store, an AMAZING men’s and woman’s boutique and a frikkin’ nightclub out the back. The place is extraordinarily otherworldly, almost like something out of a Roald Dahl story (aided in no small part by the trippy film set derived interior). It’s by appointment only, which makes it sound a bit la-di-da, but that’s totally misleading; they just want people to have the total experience.

It’s just always so life-affirmimg to see people follow their dreams; do yourself a favour and go check it out. If you’re not in London they’re online.

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