Tommi White ‘We, The Unexpected’ (Oblong)

This undoubtably comes under the archival heading of ‘secret weapon’. Every time I’ve played this sucker over the years someone’s run up to ask what it is. I remember Rocky from Express-2 even offering me hard cash for it!

‘We, The Unexpected’ was released back in 1999 by Lewis Copeland (ex owner of the now defunct and not particularly missed Vinyl Junkies) on Plank offshoot Oblong Records. Tommi White is actually an Icelandic dude called Tomas Freyr Hjaltason- shamefully I’ve never checked any other productions by him which is a bit weird considering how much I love this.

This has been sitting out in New Zealand at my folks’ place for the last five years, but now that I have it back in London I can’t stop playing it. Glacial afro-guitar-synth-noodle-house a-go-go!

Tommi White ‘We, The Unexpected’ (Oblong) by cmjct

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