Exclusive International Feel T Shirt & CD

My lovely peoples down at LN-CC (Bad Passion’s Dan Mitchell and the top-notch producer Jonny Nash amongst them) have just released this exclusive T Shirt/CD from Uruguay’s cosmic leftfield label International Feel. I remember when International Feel released those first edit bits and everyone thought the label being from Uruguay was some kind of joke (so Balearic!); the work of a Dalston trendoid taking the piss.

It is in fact run by a British musician settled in Uruguay, about whom little is spoken. It’s all supposed to be a bit mysterious and god knows we could all do with a little mystery in this age of information saturation, innit?

The International Feel package is SUPER limited, so I’d get involved now if you want one.

If you’d like to learn more about International Feel, Innersounds’ Jez Proctor has recorded an excellent interview with mystery man Mark here.

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